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A diagnostic assessment, carried out by a psychologist, is an in-depth process that seeks to understand and evaluate an individual’s psychological, emotional, cognitive and behavioural aspects.

During this process, the psychologist uses various tools and techniques to gather detailed information on how the individual functions, in addition to his or her personal and family background and life experiences. The goal is to provide an in-depth understanding of the individual, taking into account their personal situation and unique circumstances.

These assessments include clinical interviews, standardized questionnaires, psychometric testing and direct observations. The main objective is to determine whether psychological, emotional or cognitive disorders are present prior to making an accurate diagnosis. These assessments also play a key role in the therapy planning process by providing appropriate recommendations and drawing up a personalized treatment plan.

Throughout the process, confidentiality and respect are essential as they ensure a safe environment in which the patient can share their lived experience with the psychologist in complete confidence.