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Our career orientation services provide guidance on your life/career project by providing the assistance you need to address professional and/or personal questions.

These services may be helpful at any time since your life/career project does not begin when you leave high school, nor does it end when you retire. Your life/career project is something you are engaged in each and every day!

Here are a few examples of the assistance that our orientation services can provide:

  • Personalized approach tailored to the client’s needs (approximately four one-hour sessions)
  • Defining the client’s goals (e.g. selecting an academic program, finding a professional field, choosing a post-secondary institution, changing careers, etc.)
  • Personal exploration (interests, values, aptitudes, personality)
  • Life/career counselling
  • Empowering the client in their life/career project
  • Access to psychometric tools (personality and/or interest inventories) and interpreting the results
  • Presenting useful resources that the client may wish to refer to in the future
  • Overseeing searches for information (on professions, post-secondary institutions, etc.)
  • Identifying a choice of profession by means of useful tools and materials, keeping in mind challenges that the client may encounter
  • Drawing up one or more action plans